How to complete the Language Capture Study on a Desktop?

This article shows a demo video and shares step-by-step how to complete the Language Capture study on a Desktop.

Demo Video:

Step-by-Step Instructions:

  1. Give all the details mentioned in the invite email a thorough read, and then click on the “INSTRUCTIONS” button.
    image (133)
  2. This will lead you to the instructions page for the Language Capture Study where you can find all the instructions and details you need about the study.
    image (134)

  3. Scroll to the bottom to find the study steps and detailed instructions. This is a quick overview for you to refer to before attempting the study.

    image (132)
  4. Click on “LOGIN” to access the tasks on your dashboard for the study.
  5. Once you click on “LOGIN”, it will lead you to your panelist dashboard. In case you run into a 404 Error, please try logging into your Pulse Labs account in a separate tab first.
  6. You can locate the tasks under Studies -> Invitations with the time duration for narration and pay rate mentioned against each task.
    image (131)
  7. Clicking on the task will show you the instructions for the particular task.
    image (130)
  8. “Click here to open the script” option will open up the script in a new tab.
  9. Read through the script thoroughly and practice reading out loud. Locate difficult words, and check pronunciations if needed.
    image (129)
  10. Navigate back to the tab with the tasks on your dashboard and select Screen Recording 01.
    image (128)
  11. Read the instructions mentioned on the page and click on “I’m Ready” > “Got It” > “Start Recording”.
    image (126)
  12. When prompted, share your window/screen to begin the recording.
  13. Click on “Next”, silently read the instructions and navigate to the tab open with the script.
    image (124)
  14. Start reading and recording the script with the given audio requirements.
    image (123)
  15. Once you are done, switch back to the dashboard tab and click “Stop Recording”.
    image (122)
  16. Click on “Upload” if you are satisfied with the quality of the recording.
    image (121)
  17. Click on “Back to Power Portal”
    image (120)
  18. Click on “Session Feedback 01” to give task ratings to the task you just attempted, in this case, Screen Recording 01.

    image (118)
  19. Under “Required Ratings” click on "RATE" to begin rating the current task.

    image (119)
  20. Adjust the bar in yellow to make sure your entire recording is selected and then press “Continue”.

    image (117)
  21. Choose the options that best apply to your case for the current recording and finish giving feedback.

    image (116)
  22. Click on “Continue” > ”Done Rating Tasks” which will lead you back to the dashboard.

    image (114)
  23. Repeat the same process with the next Screen Recording task on your dashboard. 

  24. Once you have completed Session - 02 Feedback, you'll have one short End-of-Study Survey to complete the study.