Reviewing your automotive study transcript is made up of a few simple steps:

  1. Rating

  2. Annotating

  3. Completing the survey(s)

Each of the steps is broken down below.

After you complete your drive and upload the session in the app, you should receive an email titled “Your session is ready to be reviewed.” This email usually arrives within a few minutes of the upload. Make sure to open this email on a computer and not your phone. Click the blue “Go to session” button in the email. This will take you to the Pulse Labs website.

You should see something like this:


The first step is to mark the beginning and end of the first task that you attempted during your drive. You can do this using the transcript or the video. There's also a "Find keyword or phrase" feature that you may find helpful. Use whichever option works best for you! If the drive was a long time ago, you may wish to use the video to rejog your memory.

The transcript option looks like this:

The video option looks like this:

In this example, the first task was to “Ask for a weather update.” If I used the transcript option, I would simply click and drag the yellow bars to indicate where that task started and ended. To see this in action, here's a short video.

If I used the video option, I would do the same using the yellow bars underneath the video of the drive. To see that in action, here's a short video of that.

Once you make the selection, click the blue “Continue” button.

The next step is to verify the accuracy of the transcript. If you prefer, we also have a brief video tutorial showing how to do this.

The first thing to check is that each line of text is assigned correctly. Make sure that your initials are next to what you said and that the car icon is next to what the automotive voice assistant said. An audio clip of the interaction is available directly above the transcript to help you if needed.

To re-assign a line of text, simply click the down arrow next to the corresponding icon on the left side of the text box. You'll see three options: "You," "Auto," and sometimes "Other." "Other" is for when a passenger, music, or something else that wasn't you or the automotive voice assistant was included in the transcript.

Next, make sure that no text has been incorrectly split among several lines or incorrectly merged together. In this example, the third line (“weather?”) has been incorrectly assigned to the automotive voice assistant. It has also been split from the previous line (“Can you update me about the”).

To fix this, I would copy and paste the third line ("weather?") and add it to the end of the second line ("Can you update me about the"). I would then use the trash can icon on the right to delete the third line.

Now, I have this:

Everything is correctly assigned and none of the text has been split among different lines. Click the blue “Continue” button to move on.

Now, it’s time to rate that first task!

Once you've completed the rating, click the “Continue” button to proceed.

You'll now repeat the above process one-by-one for the other tasks that you attempted during the drive. You'll mark the beginning and end of the task, verify the transcript, and then rate the task.

After rating the first task, the next screen that you'll see will be the one where you mark the beginning and end of the second task. As before, you can use the yellow bars in the Transcript view. Also as before, you can use the video view too.


After you complete that rating process for all of the tasks, it’s time for annotation! Again, you will use the yellow bars in either the transcript or video view to indicate which section of your drive you want to add a note to.

Let’s say that I really liked the voice assistant’s response to my question about the weather. I can highlight that response using the yellow bars and then click the blue “Continue” button.

Similar to before, you'll then see the below screen to verify the accuracy of the transcript. If it looks good, click the blue “Continue” button. If not, use the icon on the left to correctly assign the text, edit the text in the white text box, or use the trash can icon on the right to delete something.

Next, you'll see annotation options. Select the one that you think fits your annotation the best. Add in the Additional Details at the bottom and then click “Continue.”

You should now see your completed annotation on the right side of the screen.

If you want to add another annotation, simply select a new area in the transcript or video using the yellow bars. Once you're done annotating, click “Finish Feedback” on the right panel.


If your study has an end-of-day survey, that’s what you’ll see next. Complete the end-of-day survey questions on the left. You can track your progress on the right side. Once you're done filling out the survey, click “Submit Feedback.”

You may also see an end-of-study survey if it’s the last day of the study. Again, complete the questions on the left and then click “Submit Feedback” once you’ve finished.

That’s it! You’ve successfully reviewed your automotive transcript!

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