After you finish all the tasks and click "End Study," it will take some time for our system to fetch then process your video. It is very important that you DO NOT close or navigate away from the Pulse Labs app during this process!

  1. Wait for the fetching screen to load (when done, it will take you to the next screen).

2. Click the Upload button.

3. If you see a screen that says you are not connected to WiFi, click "OK." DO NOT click "open settings." This will cause your video upload to fail (we are working to fix this).

4. Then you will see a screen that says "Processing video." DO NOT click "Got it." wait for the next screen to load. BE SURE to keep your camera and phone within 30 feet of each other while video is processing. If you click the "Got it" button you will lose your video. We are working to fix this.

5. When you get to the "Before you Go" screen, everything is good to go and you can click the "Got it" button there.

6. It will take a few minutes for you to receive an email letting you know that your transcript is ready for review. Click the "Go to session" button to review your transcript and video!

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