When you receive your device package, it will include a Samsung Galaxy A11 phone. It already has these apps installed:

  • Pulse Labs

  • GoPro

  • Quick Support (TeamViewer)

Here are a few things you should do before you start your in-home test:

  • Start charging the phone and GoPro

  • Check for updates to the Pulse Labs and Go Pro Quik apps. Go to "Play Store" > Click the menu to the left of the search bar > "My Apps and Games > "Updates" then you can choose which apps to update.

  • Go to the Pulse Labs app (This will be located on your home screen) Sign in with your account you will see the test on your dashboard.

Please do not add more apps to the phone. This phone should only be used for Pulse Labs testing and should not be used for personal business or entertainment.

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