For some of tests you complete, we will ask you to use the Task Rating Tool each time you complete a task. This helps us give developers feedback about your experience each time you attempted a specific task. This, combined with your transcript annotations, and your survey responses, helps give the developer a full picture of your experience. This is your opportunity to help developers learn how to make voice technology better for you and people in your community!

During the test, you'll be asked to complete certain tasks

After you finish talking to your device, rate the tasks BEFORE you do anything else! 

The task rating tool is on the left side, with what you said to the device. Click on the task list icon.

This will open the task selection and questions on the far right, where the survey usually is. Choose the task you are rating from the list....

Then, answer all the questions for the task, click "Save," and move on to the next task!

If you had to say several things to complete a task, put the rating on the first thing you said to start the task.

If you do a task multiple times, use the task rating tool each time you complete the task.

After you are done rating each task, leave annotations as you normally would if you were misheard or have specific feedback about an interaction.

Finally, fill out the survey and complete your review! If you are taking a multi-day test, just click the "Submit Daily Transcript Button."

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