Testing with your own panelists

For all accounts you can invite your own panelists to test your Alexa skill in the following countries and languages if your skill is set up for that country and/or language model. At this time, our website is only available in English, so you will want to ensure that panelists you invite to test in other languages are proficient in English. We are looking to add support for testing in more languages soon!

  • United States: English - US or Spanish - US

  • United Kingdom: English - UK

  • Canada: English - US, English - CA, or French - CA

  • India: English - IN

  • France: French - FR

  • Germany: German - DE

  • Brazil: Portuguese - BR

Enterprise and Agency Pulse Panel tests

We can work with you to provide testing anywhere that Alexa or Google Assistant is available. Please email sales@pulselabs.ai or your account manager for more information.

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