Pulse Lab's integration with Alexa’s Skill Management API (SMAPI) allows our system to automatically add panelists as beta participants when they start taking a test and to auto-populate your skill’s metadata into the Test Setup page. 

  • Our OAuth integration lets you securely provide your Amazon Developer credentials.

  • Once the SMAPI connection is established, this provides the Pulse Labs system with the skill status (development or production), the country, and the language model (US English, German, UK English, etc.). 

  • If you have multiple skills, during Test Setup, you can choose the skill you want to test from a drop-down menu.

If you need to test with multiple developer accounts, you can edit the SMAPI connection from the Test Setup page or in account management. DO NOT change Amazon accounts while a beta test is in progress, otherwise we won’t be able to add panelists to the beta.

When SMAPI is enabled during beta testing, Pulse Labs panelists click a button to join the beta. Then our service calls Amazon’s API, and the panelist is automatically added so there is no additional effort on your part. When a panelist submits their test, our system automatically removes them from the beta.

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