Basic plan

After your test is complete, whether with your own panelists or Pulse Labs panelists, you can see a text transcript of each participant’s session and their post-test survey responses by: 

  1. Logging into your account,
  2. Clicking the name of the test from your dashboard, and
  3. Selecting “Sessions” near the top of the test page

If you included our SDK in your skill’s code, you’ll also be able to play device-side audio.

Premium Plan

You can access text transcripts following the steps above. Additionally, you get:

  • User interaction audio you can access following the steps above
  • Data visualizations, available under the “Report” section near the top of the page
  • If you used the Pulse Panel, you’ll also see their demographic information

Enterprise and Agency

You will receive a detailed report including executive summary, error report, and a list of transcript errors, misinterpretations, and feedback. You’ll also get data visualizations for post-test survey questions and demographic information. Under “Sessions” you can view individual users’ transcripts, and see their post-test survey responses. You’ll be able to play user-side audio, and, if you included our SDK in your Alexa skill, you’ll be able to play device-side audio as well. 

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