Prior to testing, your application will need to be functional enough for users to invoke and use the main features. To get the most value out of paid testing, keep in mind that the fewer functional bugs there are, the easier it will be for panelists to give feedback about the content and design of your application. You’ll also want to:

  • Test your invocation a few times with different people that have different accents. Invocations that use abbreviations often get misinterpreted, so you may want to avoid these.

  • If your application requires account linking, make sure the panelists you invite have an account, know how to set up an account, or that you’ve created test accounts for panelist usage that are seeded with enough data for successful testing.

  • Write a brief overview (about a few sentences long) that explains the application and any preparation panelists need to do in order to test it.

  • Think through what you want to learn during testing, and come up with 1-3 tasks for panelists to perform that help you get the information you need for the next stage of development.

  • Think of up to post-test questions to help you get specific information you want from panelists about their sentiment, background, or behavior.

  • If you are testing an Alexa skill, you will need to add our SDK to your skill code for optimum feedback. For basic members, this lets you get device-side audio incorporated into your transcripts. For Premium, Enterprise, and Agency members, using the SDK allows us to incorporate both user-side and device-side audio into your Pulse Labs testing transcripts.

  • If you are beta testing, check out this page for more information about preparations you may need to make.

Once you're ready, you can go here to learn more about what information you'll need to enter during test setup!

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