Basic and Premium - using your own panelists

To use your own panelists, you will:

  • Enter a comma-separated list of email addresses OR upload a CSV file of email addresses. 

  • Enter a test invitation message - be sure to include information to your panel about why they are being asked to test and any rewards you are offering for their participation.

No one likes spam, so make sure you’re only inviting people who have joined an email list for your company. You may also want to notify your contacts before testing that they can expect to receive an invitation from us so they know the invitation we send them is legitimate.

After they receive your invitation to test, your panelists will: 

  • Set their name and password

  • Go through a quick configuration check to make sure they are set up and ready for testing. 

  • Agree to our Pulse Labs Panelist Agreement.

Basic and Premium - using Pulse Labs Panelists

These paid tests include:

  • Five test sessions with Pulse Labs Panelists

  • They’ll answer the five standard post-test survey questions 

  • And you can ask up to five of your own custom questions

With Premium, you get discounted Pulse Labs Panelists tests.

We screen our panelists to make sure they have persistence to keep trying with early-stage voice apps, even when they encounter frustrating interactions. We also ensure our panelists provide top-quality feedback about both the functionality and user experience. Their valuable insight will help you make sure your application is ready to delight your customers. All of our panelists have agreed to the Pulse Labs Panelist Agreement.

Enterprise and Agency - Using Pulse Labs Panelists

Use of our panelists is included in your contract unless you prefer to use your own. With the dedicated persistence of our panelists and the analytical expertise of our operations team, you’ll receive a thorough, detailed report that digs into both technical issues and subtle user experience frustrations that can make the difference between a good voice application and a great one.

Enterprise and Agency - Using your own panelists

There are a variety of reasons you may want to use your own panelists. Our operations team will work to accommodate any needs for getting your panelists added for testing.

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